Clipping Dog's Nails The Right Way

Just like your own child, you would want all the best for your beloved dog. Why not? This creature can bring so much joy and security in your home. In return for the love and loyalty of your pet, you would want to take good care of him or her.

Pet grooming is among the vital dog needs that owners ought to meet. Aside from making your dog look great all the time, you also keep the canine healthy, thus prolonging his or her life. This can be performed either by professional groomers or by yourself. The latter is a better option in that you can save money plus you get to bond with your dog.

Clipping the dog nail clippers of your dog is a major part of the grooming. It is important to determine the perfect dog nail clippers for your pet and the right frequency, all according to the lifestyle of your dog.


Most dog owners always ask how often should the nails of the dogs be trimmed. Well, this depends on how active your dog is and the surfaces where he often walks or runs on. The more he stays outdoors and the harder the surfaces are, the lesser the frequency should be. This is to promote traction. Also, these hard surfaces can trim your dog's nails naturally.

Type of Clippers

You need to consider your comfort and of the dog when picking dog nail clippers as each type has its own pros and cons. For instance, guillotine types are easy to use but cannot be used to trim nails slowly. It is one large chunk in one clipping.

It would be ideal to read tips on choosing dog nail clippers posted in reliable sites like HMtip. This way, you can groom your dog in the best and safest manner.