What are Trading Platforms

Trading platform is a software developed through which investors and traders can open, close and manage market positions. Trading platforms are frequently offered by brokers either for free or at a discount rate in exchange for maintaining a funded account and/or making a specified number of trade a month. It also allows investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts, whereby traders and investors can chart the markets and perform stock screens.

When it comes to trading platform – eToro is the world’s leading social investment network and social trading platform for CFD (Contract for difference). It is also preferred by many traders from all over the world. Those traders who have less experience can learn a lot at eToro since they are able to “follow” more experienced traders who have an outstanding track record.For most experienced traders they used eToro because they get a “consulting commission” – but it would depend on the number of their followers who copy their trades. To keep their customers happy, eToro regularly offers etoro promo code and bonus campaigns for the new and existing customers.

David Ring and Yoni founded the trading pioneer eToro in Tel Aviv in Israel in 2007 and Ronen Assia eventually founded Etoro. The company has offices in Cyprus, Israel and the United Kingdom. The foundation was in 2007 wherein the company has developed into one of the largest trading platforms on the market for online trading and in addition, eToro is the largest social trading network in a market as defined by eToro.
One of eToro’s distinctions when it comes to success is the copy trader or open book concept, which enables traders to copy the trades of other traders and then act automatically when the traders trades on the market.On 2010, eToro set a milestone when eToroOpenbook launched a social investment platform with the copy trade function which sets eToro’s popularity.