The gun or any firearm that you own is not just a thing you safely store in your vaults or safe. It is your prized possession that requires you to maintain it. One way of maintaining your firearm is cleaning it. Cleaning it does not only require that you wipe and scrub it, it demands attention and detail. Hence, as gun owner, you need the following cleaning materials for your firearm. More information on custom 1911 pistols on

Lubricant or Gun Oil

Your gun is like any piece of equipment, it works well when it is lubricated. The type of lubricant or gun oil you need to buy must be recommended for the model of firearm that you have. It could be that the gun shop where you bought your gun has the recommended lubricant or gun oil for your firearm. In fact, there are guns with customized features from custom 1911 that need special type of oil for cleaning.

Small Cloth and Cotton Swabs

Regardless of what type of firearm you have, all of these have nooks and holes that you need to clean. You only clean those hard to reach places with cotton swabs. Preferably don’t use the typical cotton buds for your ears. Those that are often used in surgical procedures, the cotton swabs that have long wooden stems, are preferred.

The Cleaning Brush

The recommended cleaning brush is the nylon cleaning brush. This nylon cleaning brush is designed to remove dirt and greases. There are certain types of brushes recommended for certain models of firearms. You just need to ask the shop if they have it and what is recommended for your gun. If you don’t want to purchase these items one by one, there is already a cleaning kit complete with the basic cleaning tool similar with what you can see available in custom 1911.