Singapore’s Maxicab: What You Need to Know

Although Singapore is considerably a small island situated at the south of Johor State within the scope of Southern Malaysia, it simply does not lack in terms of tourist destinations and brilliant vacation opportunities, sights and sceneries. The nation might be slight, nonetheless, this also becomes its strong point because locals and tourists are able to enjoy travelling from numerous countries into the Lion City, and it is far more convenient and liberating as well.

Did you know that this little yet majestic city is contemplated as the foremost tourism hub all over Southeast Asia? For transportation, locals and tourists may go from one place to another through airplane, train, sea, busses and taxis. has various tutorials related to maxicab booking.

Which Taxi Company the Best in Singapore?

The truth of the matter is there are already a number of notable taxi companies that serves many travelers in Singapore. Nonetheless, when it comes to luxury, comfort, and supreme passenger assistance, only maxicab leads in the industry.

Here are some imperative facts you have to learn about this taxi company’s services.
First of all, it does offer flat rate services, such as:
• S$55.00 per transfer (point A to point B)
- Airport departure transfer
- Per hour rate for consecutive hours travel accommodations, but minimum of 2hrs is required in order to be eligible for such rates
• S$65.00 per Airport arrival transfer where you may be meet and greeted as well

For travels that reach the midnight hour, additional charges are necessary and it is S$12 per transfer or per hour from 23:00 to 6:59 hours. Surcharge for waiting is $10 per 15 mins block. At times, extra stops could occur; as a result, passengers have to pay $20 per stop. There is a limit of two en-route stopovers, with the all-inclusive transference to be concluded within sixty minutes. Credit card payments are accepted with superfluous 7% Goods and Service Tax and 10% administrative charge.